Cubist & K

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  • I Don't Love You
  • Live and Let Die
  • Lost In

Cubist & Kara began working together in 2006, collaborating on a commissioned work for Adam Elliot (creator of Harvie Crumpet) for the 2006 Innovation Festival in Australia. Since then Cubist & Kara have performed at many club and community events around Victoria including Federation Square, Bunker Lounge, Brown Alley, Melbourne Fringe, Laundry, plus many more.

Cubist (Producer/DJ) & Kara (Instrumentalist/Vocalist) perform 100% original music. A fusion of live instrumentation (voice/recorder) and DJing, which explores genres such as Dubstep, Breaks and Drum n’ Bass.

Demo samples (recorder and voice)

* Sampler CD clip tracks recorded at Baroqueaudio Studios, Melbourne, Australia. Original tracks by DJ Cubist (dnb) and K (vocals/recorder). Copyright Cubist & K.

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